Several users joined yesterday to start a spree on creating masses of questions (and some answers) with

  • only one line
  • clearly no research (most of them are closed)
  • no formatting
  • no proper tagging

How to deal with such users? I tried the comment & welcome & could you imrpove foo & bar thingy, but some seem resistent.

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I would just continue to downvote and close. We don't want to discourage new users, so a nice comment to suggest improvements would be nice, but if it is a repeat offender I think a flag or vote to close is sufficient.

Most of the problem questions have been closed, and I think the problem will go away with time.

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Just downvote them, and if the answer is also full of typos or intelligble, flag as Very Low Quality. When users get downvoted in a large part of their posts, they get locked from answering automatically.

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  • i noticed that even very low quality posts keep getting upvotes (some even +5 and more) on this quite young and enthusiastic community. – Afr Feb 5 '16 at 13:05
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    @5chdn Well, then perhaps there is some educating about good voting behavior necessary. Also, flags circumvent voting by going directly to the moderators, they can still delete a VLQ post with positive score. – Murch Feb 5 '16 at 13:10

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