If we get more questions like Why isn't msg.sender.send getting called? should we somehow try modifying the title after it's been answered, to be more descriptive, or hint at resolution?

There could be several/many questions titled like: why-does-this-contract-not-send-a-transaction

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The titles on your front page define your site, so a title should always, always best describe what the question is actually about without having to open the thread. If it doesn't, you should edit it; always. It's what helps people with those problems find your site through search.

But someone with a question may not always know the right terminology to accurately describe the problem, so if you can turn a vague title into something more descriptive, go for it. And if you realize a bit of missing context can improve understanding of the question, go ahead and add it. But I wouldn't change the title from a question into an answer, if that was what you were implying in your post.


  • Can you help with this problem?This is a non-title
  • What's wrong with my ice cream?Still very poor
  • Why does my ice cream melt after I take it out of the freezer?PERFECT!


  • How to keep ice cream solid by storing it in the freezerDon't turn a title into a hint/answer
  • Thanks, a little hard to find a better title for the specified question and we'll try to do it for others.
    – eth Mod
    Feb 5, 2016 at 23:03

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