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Vitalik Buterin refers in his blog to "State Tree Pruning".

Gavin Wood more recently talks about the "State Trie Pruning".

So, what is it, the the State-Trie or the State-Tree?

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Since also Christian Reitwiessner in his most recent post also refers to state trie pruning, I would suggest to rename the tags using the term trie.

The wikipedia entry also explains why trie is the more correct term.

Update: Tag is now .

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  • ...and state-tree-pruning is a synonym. – WBT Jan 2 '19 at 20:25

Tree is the more general term; trie is a more precise term technically since it's a more specific type of tree... Trie is more nitpicky. I think using the general term, "tree", is better for tagging purposes and is accurate enough.

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