Murch♦ from Bitcoin Stackexchange is currently dissolving the tag. He is working hard on retagging roughly 1400 questions!

Here are his recommendations for Ethereum Stackexchange: Good Tags now save a lot of work later!

Should we learn from that example and dissolve the too, before we end up going through hundrets of questions later rather than only around 50 by now?

Possible tags could be:

  • Collects questions about configuration of mining hardware, and optimizing the software settings of mining rigs.
  • Collects questions about mining rigs, cpus, gpus, fpgas, and asic miners, as well as the production, and producers of such.
  • Questions about organizing groups to collaboratively work on block creation.
  • Collects questions about the economics of mining operations.
  • Questions about the function, the reason for, and the underlying concepts of mining.
  • Questions about using CPUs for mining.
  • Collects questions about mining setups on basis of GPUs.
  • Questions about sharing revenue in mining pools.
  • Shares refers to a method for accounting mining pool contributions. It does not cover company shares.
  • refers to mining by yourself, not organized in a mining-pool
  • General questions about mining software.
  • Is used for questions concerned with the physical setup of mining hardware.
  • Collects questions about configuring and optimizing the software settings on mining rigs.
  • Is used for questions on the technical process of building a block header, and what gets hashed in mining.

Does that also apply to Ethereum related mining questions? Do we need maybe less tags? Or more?

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No. At the current point with less than 100 answers tagged with 'mining' it should not be broken down yet. We should re-evaluate this at a later time.

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