Shamelessly copied from CiviCRM meta, because I really love the idea:

Serious question - the most popular answer will most likely make it onto one. Think hard, people, and feel free to make other thoughts and suggestions too...

If you had a T-shirt and on that shirt were printed some part of the Ethereum codebase, what part would it be?


Creating smart contracts is what Ethereum is all about, and using 'gas' is a unique feature. This function "... returns a new contract environment for the execution of EVM". Plus it has lots of code symbols and looks cool.

func NewContract(caller ContractRef, object ContractRef, value, gas, price *big.Int) *Contract {
    c := &Contract{CallerAddress: caller.Address(), caller: caller, self: object, Args: nil}

    if parent, ok := caller.(*Contract); ok {
        c.jumpdests = parent.jumpdests
    } else {
        c.jumpdests = make(destinations)

    c.Gas = gas //new(big.Int).Set(gas)
    c.value = new(big.Int).Set(value)
    c.Price = new(big.Int).Set(price)
    c.UsedGas = new(big.Int)

    return c

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