I don't know if new reasons for closing questions or raising flags can be added, but I was wondering how the community feels about questions such as Is this a satifactory crowdsale contract? . I think I've seen three or four requests for, essentially, "does this code have bugs?" over the last few weeks and I don't think this is an appropriate use of StackExchange. We're all here to help people and/or receive help, but I think this is taking it a bit far. Questions similar to that, but not crossing the line, IMHO, include

  • If I do x in my contract, are there any security risks I should be aware of? (More close-ended and doesn't require reading a whole contract)
  • Does function x behave in this particular way? (Asking about language understanding)
  • Is there a more standard way of achieving x than y? (Shows that you did some work and more close-ended)

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I agree. We should eliminate this type of question. If for no other reason that we wouldn't want to give bad advice. Plus--if we're giving advice of this type, we should get paid for it. Not sure if you can add a new flag type, but it would be helpful and more clear than a simple 'off-topic.'


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