Most exchanges question fall into the third party support: How to flag 3rd-party support questions?

But EtherDelta is a third party, but like other decentralized exchanges the contract's source is public. Some of technical questions can be answered (and even can be interesting).

Perhaps we should consider a line similar to: Should we discourage questions about exchanges, trading, buying?

On topic:

Asking how things work, e.g. how does exchange X choose which orders to fulfill? Why doesn't this trading code work?

Off topic:

Any thing suggesting or asking for a view on valuation of something, e.g. what do you think will happen to the price of Y?


It depends on the question. Agree that asking how an aspect of some open source code works can be on topic. A lot of questions are about why funds did not get sent or received, and so the community probably has correctly judged such questions to be off-topic.

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