Can we delete the tag?

It's not allowed on StackOverflow https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/275039/why-is-the-best-practices-tag-not-allowed "Best-practices" are, more often than not, opinion-based."

Also https://stackoverflow.blog/2010/08/07/the-death-of-meta-tags/

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Here's my recommendation for y'all.

I don't think you actually need to blacklist this because it seems like this tag is pretty much a subset of the tag. Most of the questions that have it also have already. There are nine that don't which y'all can look through pretty easily.

Here's what I recommend:

  1. Review those nine questions that don't have the tag.
    • If the tag would be appropriate, do nothing.
    • If the tag would be inappropriate, retag the question to remove the tag and replace (if necessary) with appropriate tags.
  2. Synonymize and merge into .

Congrats, you no longer have this tag and all of the questions that did have it still have good tags. This will also prevent someone from using it in the future, effectively blacklisting it.

I'm only recommending this in this case because there seems to be a clear redundancy. If this weren't the case, we might have to do something else to remove/prevent the usage of such tags, so keep that in mind in future cases where this may come up.

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