As a new user, how should I decide to upvote and downvote questions, answers and comments?

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    Welcome to Ethereum Stack Exchange Rob! :) – Lauri Peltonen Apr 18 at 19:16
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    BTW, there is special stackexchange community for questions about stackexchange: meta.stackexchange.com – Mikhail Vladimirov Apr 18 at 20:02
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    This was flagged by several users as belonging on meta. (One even asks if your account has been compromised.) – eth Apr 19 at 9:10
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    Knowing Rob as an active user i've checked many times the post's date as i thought it was an old post. then i realized that rob wants to draw our attention to the importance of voting for our site ;D – Badr Bellaj Apr 19 at 20:05

It's great to welcome so many new users to this forum.

Many new users don't realize that voting activity is an important metric for this site as a whole and for the experts who volunteer their time and knowledge to answer questions. Don't be shy. Vote early, vote often!

Hope it helps.


Voting can encourage and motivate to many answer writer , they will be happy to see that their answers are helping to the people . So keep voting and support them.


Voting is vital for SE sites.

Voting incentives users to keep answering as the mined ethers incentives the miners to keep mining. Besides, it helps newcomers to spot easily the best answers.

I'd love to see someday stackexchange enabling voting even for non-logged in users as the vast majority in my opinion doesn't have an account in SE so they don't vote.

for me :

an upvote = thank you

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