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I actually like this site even if I have no thoughts for Ethereum, and seeing that it doesn't have a logo at all, I think it's about time to propose a suggestion for one.

We know that the original Ethereum logo is not usable. How about try customizing it a bit. That's exactly what was done in Blender SE's logo.

Blender SE Logo

It's the Blender logo, but turned into a speech bubble.

We could do something similar with the Ethereum logo.

Here's one I made using MS Paint:

Custom Ethereum Logo

Looks quite good, not gonna lie.

What do you suggest to make the logo?

Here are some questions you might ask from me:

Why are you wanting this?

For me, I think it is time to actually give Ethereum SE its own style along with the others.

Nice proposal, what's with the logo though? Why did you even make a custom logo?

The logo is basically the top of the actual Ethereum logo (the only customization I can think of to make it look good). Also, the logo is custom, and is actually what I am going to use here, but now that I'm suspended once again, I can't really edit to add more masks. I want to edit it using an alt account, however, but I don't want to risk abusing.

Do you have a custom theme for this site?

Well, no. I only want to try and give Ethereum some new style, like an actual logo.

  • I think the main issue is that we're not allowed a custom theme, or, therefore, a logo... :-\ – Richard Horrocks Mar 5 at 19:12
  • Unless you have the authority to get us one... – Richard Horrocks Mar 5 at 19:15
  • Is that related to administrative rights? If other communities do have, I guess we also deserve to have one ;) not sure how this is managed across communities and whether there are some 'super' admins that manage the rest. – Sergi Juanati Mar 17 at 15:12

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