I've just realised I went and created a large number of multi-word tags that don't separate their words with dashes the way multi-word tags are supposed to. Examples include:

proofofstake, which should be proof-of-stake
proofofwork, which should be proof-of-work
performanceoptimisation, which should be performance-optimisation
contractdesign, which should be contract-design
denialofservice, which should be denial-of-service

Of course, I don't have enough reputation to correct the tags or create the appropriate tag synonyms. What should I do?

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No problem. I renamed the tags.

There are no synonyms needed for this use case. Text completion will show users the correct tags.


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  • Did you actually create further Tags with correct names, rather than renaming the bad Tags? If so, how did you rename them? – user75798 Jan 21 '16 at 5:08
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    As a Moderator, I have the ability to rename tags. When there is larger tag cleanup, that is typically preferable to manually re-tagging each questions so it doesn't bump all those questions to the top of the 'activity' page. – Robert Cartaino Jan 21 '16 at 14:09

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