I saw this question Does any one have the archive node data?

Instead of just letting them know an option is to apply for a grant, I thought it could help others more broadly by posting here. There's a chance that some will be upset at this post, and if so it will be a learning lesson.


Starting on June 7, 2023, we will begin to accept proposals.

Deadline: June 20, 2023

  • The Ethereum Foundation is launching a new funding round to encourage experimentation and development with Ethereum nodes.
  • Running a node on Ethereum provides increased security, access, control, and flexibility and allows you to participate in and contribute to the Ethereum network actively.
  • Nodes are a critical element of Ethereum, and we are looking for creative proposals from a diverse range of users looking to run a node. You may be based in a different geographical region; perhaps you want your university to use a node for research purposes - surprise us with your application.
  • Selected applicants will receive either a Dappnode sent directly to you or a fixed allocated sum to reimburse the cost of the hardware.


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