According to the Area 51 stats for Ethereum, we seem to be doing fine on all stats except those related to number of users. I came here as a result of an announcement on /r/ethereum about a month back. Would it be time for another recruitment campaign? If so, what would be sources of good candidates?

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Edit, nevermind, we just entered public beta!

I don't have the feeling we have an issue with (missing) users yet. This is actually an advantage during the private part of the beta stage.

Now we have to focus on:

The user base and page hits per day will come as soon as we transit into the public beta phase and google will yield the good content we generated during the private beta.


There's also probably a way to ping users who "committed"?

From sidebar of http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/89704/ethereum

committed users

  • 292 users committed
  • 53.8% signed up for beta
  • 0% fulfilled commitment

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