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Should we support other Ethereum-based blockchains

The description of Ethereum StackExchange is "Ethereum, the decentralized application platform and smart contract enabled blockchain" (wasn't sure where to find more detailed info, this info ...
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Are questions just about IPFS on-topic?

This question may need improvement Add file to IPFS using API but it leads to this meta question of whether IPFS-only questions are on-topic. Opinions?
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Any news on the graduation from beta?

Given the performance of the beta site. How do we know if and when a graduation is in order?
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On Ethereum Classic usage

After the recent Hardfork not only on a technical level but also on a community level I think Ethereum Classic questions will be well on topic for our Q&A site. (If not, please use this thread to ...
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Is Ethereum Stack Exchange a Q&A for Enterprise-Based/Fork versions of Ethereum as well?

Is Ethereum Stack Exchange a Q&A/Forum for Enterprise-Based/Fork versions of Ethereum as well? Nathan Aw
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Are questions about Hyperledger Fabric on-topic?

Should questions that are specifically confined to the workings of Hyperledger Fabric be on topic? Context:
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When (if ever) should [solidity] programming questions be considered off-topic and migrated to stackoverflow?

Are all solidity oriented questions on-topic by virtue of being about the programming language that Ethereum uses?
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Ethereum Stack Exchange Summer Challenge 2016

I'm willing to put up a bounty to any user in here to earn the Convention silver badge until end of July of 2016. This is a reward for participating in our site's meta. Currently only eth, murch and ...
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Are questions about books and tutorials on-topic?

This question: Ethereum Tutorial for Beginners asks for a book and tutorials. Are that kind of questions on-topic? In case it is off-topic, can we have appropriate close reason for that kind of ...
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Are Ether price questions allowed?

This hasn't really come up, but where do we draw the line about price discussion? For example, this post asks about the value of ether after the POS switch. This is not simply a "what will the price ...
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