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Who is going to Ethereum DevCon #2 in Shanghai to promote Stack Exchange?

The Ethereum DevCon #2 will be held on Sept 19-21, 2016 in Shanghai, China. Around 800 Ethereum developers and enthusiasts will be around to discuss newest advances in technology and trends in web 3....
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Ethereum Stack Exchange is featured at the DevCon #2

The Ethereum Developer Conference DevCon #2 will be held this September in Shanghai. The Ethereum team kindly reserved a spot on the DevCon website to promote and link back to the Ethereum Stack ...
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EDCON: A Cryptofriendly Guide To Paris

where is the venue? EDCON will take place at ESCP Paris the 17th and 18th February but you can come before and hang out with Asseth (see below "Meet blockchain minded people"). The campus ...
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