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Should single-use questions be closed or downvoted?

The Ethereum stackexchange has a large amount of 'single-use' questions that basically only provide a chunk of code and an error message. Often, if they are answered, the answer amounts to not much ...
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1 answer

Original Question being marked as the duplicate

May be this is not really a big issue. But it took my attention because it was done by a moderator of the site. My question is what can we do, if a the original question is marked as a duplicate of ...
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1 answer

Duplicate question, should we flag

I was wondering what is the easiest way to check if a question is duplicate and how to get the right and accurate duplicate question. Besides, Sometimes the duplicate question doesn't match 100%, it ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Including a link to the FAQ page in the "How to Ask" box on main site?

As a newcomer on the site (just joined 3 days ago), it took me several hours of roaming around to accidentally find this very useful bird's eye view of FAQs on Meta: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions ...
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How to deal with all the questions raised due to recent DoS attacks?

The last 4~5 weeks the ethereum network was stress-tested by some malicious parties who exploited too low gas prices as potential DoS vector. In one case it caused the whole network's geth nodes to ...
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I closed nine questions regarding TheDAO hack

As a moderator I don't want to intervene too much but today I had to close eight nine questions regarding TheDAO hack. I don't feel very comfortable with this action and therefore I would like to list ...
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