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Where could I ask an ethics question about signers on a multi-sig wallet?

Let's say seven people who are well known in the Ethereum community were invited to and are now participating as signers on a 4-of-7 multi-sig wallet that holds a large amount of funds for a Web3 ...
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Should we discourage questions about exchanges, trading, buying?

On some days, Ethereum Stack Exchange feels like a help desk, and it's a lot of work to forward people to the correct peers. Should we discourage questions about exchanges, trading, buying? ... How? :...
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Is Augur use on topic for this site? is a trading and betting platform used to predict real-world events using Ethereum. But is the use of Ethereum merely coincidental to this as a stand-alone subject for a new site? ...
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Are questions about books and tutorials on-topic?

This question: Ethereum Tutorial for Beginners asks for a book and tutorials. Are that kind of questions on-topic? In case it is off-topic, can we have appropriate close reason for that kind of ...
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