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I don't know about you but here's my strategy (copied from meta). Post quality answers. This should be numbered 1, 2 and 3. But a good answer will more often than not trump a fast answer. Though there are cases where it does not. Monitor the frontpage and the new questions list. Learn their cache time and refresh accordingly or use the tag pages (Example) ...


I found this in the advanced searching help: answers..2


I have to admit it's the first time I see such an answer and therefore I think we really don't need to fear getting flooded with memes. As already discussed in the comments, for this question the generated meme is actually answering the the question with a slight hint of humor. I personally like it. I would say it's legit as long the meme is on-topic. ...


I always thought of StackExchange as a unopinionated Q&A site. That means one is encouraged to formulate a rather objective question of general interest, instead of subjective or helpdesk support questions. Not "Do you think PoS is a good thing?" or "Help, I lost my wallet in Mist". Generalistic, precise and objective questions gravitate towards one ...


I created some queries on data-se. high voted unanswered questions top questions by view count they might be helpful in the future to promote content.

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