I've been monitoring this beta's site activity on Area51 Stack Exchange dashboard and Stack Exchange sites overview very closely. From what I can tell, the main statistics I've been looking at is the questions per day indicator and if you only look at this rate (currently around 14 questions asked per day), Ethereum Stack Exchange is the most active beta ...


I plan on promoting Stack.Exchange in some way when I attend. Not sure yet. It will likely be connected to Eth.Champs.


I will be there too as it turns out. We could announce a Stackexchange Dinner where people from the SE community gather. Here is the Plan: @home: finding a neat restaurant around the bund, not too crowded finding a nice waterhole for after dinner drinks printing flyers for the event @shanhai: distributing flyers on the conf meet at the restaurant chat ...


I'll be attending. What can I do to help promote ESE?


I will be there, but I am collecting the needed information about the Visa process. It is the first time I go there. besides, I am willing to meet some stack exchange active members personaly, to discuss what's new and what we should prepare for the future... cool :D


I was wondering about this the other day, and had a quick look into it. I was wondering if we could do something clever, like use a StackApps script to automatically migrate questions across. (I'm sure similar ideas have come up on other SE boards in the past... ) However, there are a few side-effects to migration that would have an effect on the both the ...

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