Suggestions: From Zero to productive in Dapp development In any programming space it always seems to take ages to set up a realistic dev enviroment (beyond hello world) and get to minimal starter application which can be extended and or provision a dev team with what they need to work. Idea would be an article or series which gets newbies up to speed. ...


We’re launching a technical Ethereum community blog – the Ethereum Blog Overflow You should know that Stack Exchange is no longer hosting blogs on an internal platform. If you wish to start a blog, you will need to find another platform to host it. We're no longer starting new individual site Community Blogs - here's why


The short answer is no. Apart from the technical considerations, tag wiki excerpts were not meant to simply define what a word means. Excerpts should describe when and how that tag is to be used on this site specifically. If a tag excerpt says something like "C++ is a programming language created in the early '80s by… etc.", you're probably missing ...


A suggestion: Dealing with the current stack that is working, or attempting to stay up to date with the bleeding edge implementation. This space moves fast, and a recommendation or personal experience with how more seasoned developers handle it.


Another candidate. Reference variables. See here: http://vessenes.com/solidity-frustrations-references-and-mapping/ and Referring to a struct within an array. Incorrect understanding of reference variables could be a disaster. Easy to walk into a trap without even knowing about it.


No. At the current point with less than 100 answers tagged with 'mining' it should not be broken down yet. We should re-evaluate this at a later time.

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