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Can Ethereum Stack Exchange have a Documentation area like Stackoverflow? [duplicate]

I noticed the very interesting - but still beta - Documetation area on Stackoverflow. Can we enable the same here? I think it will be very helpful for a topic like Ethereum. Moreover, we already have ...
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What topics can I ask about? currently has the following. What modifications do you think should be made to it? Ethereum Stack Exchange is for users and enthusiasts of Ethereum. ...
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Can we set up a Documentation section right like in stack overflow?

I read today about the new Documentation section in stackoverflow and I think we really can benefit from that. I don't see the option to create such a thing, but maybe a moderator with more ...
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What should our documentation contain?

As a follow-up on: What’s the “elevator pitch” for our site? What should our documentation contain? What is our site about and what not?
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